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Urban Fit Studios is an environment without individual judgment. 

Our space was created without personal boundaries, where one may realize his/her individual potential to access their health and wellness goals. 
Urban-Fit Studios is about community. Individuals are encouraged to identify, pursue and achieve that which they set as intermediate, short or long term goals. 
We can set focus, identify our dreams and ultimately watch as they are manifested. This is a result of our personal motivation, commitment and actions. This is your life, it's happening right here, right now…. 
30 Dec

The coming of the end, marks yet the beginning….

The coming of the end, marks yet the beginning….

Our world is a cycle…of events. The ebb and flow of what we create, reality. We must take ownership of all that we encounter. As we are the generators of all that is, and believing in this¬† our salvation shall manifest. I have stumbled many times in my travels. Mostly when my eyes were closed and I lost sight of my belief…mostly in me. I allowed hurt and pain to be my sustenance, and didn’t own my actions.

Sinking to levels I never imagined, my self imposed suffering gave birth. Being specific in my beliefs and owning and letting go. I rose to my lifes creation, I was realistic in knowing that I have choice in all matters.


I believe it was Malcolm X who said “stand for something or you will fall for everything” or words to that effect. I was moved by this qoute, and accept my flaws and failures and moved forward. years pass and as we make mistakes we learn and grow. We are not the same as then,¬† a time long ago.


I actually am fortunate to have experienced the past. Thus not repeating the ignorance of my youth, or earlier years. The coming of the end, marks yet the beginning of another cycle of life. Every day is opportunity, change for the right reason foster healthy growth. I’m excited for 2012 and have some special goals in mind. You should consider letting go and taking on your life and all that was and is. Move forward be happy believe in yourself and all good things are possible.




Remember this is it…your life is happening right here, right now. On this level this is all there is enjoy, be happy, create! A new beginning is upon us best wishes to all .


Again the end is only the beginning….