About us


Urban Fit Studios is an environment without individual judgment. 

Our space was created without personal boundaries, where one may realize his/her individual potential to access their health and wellness goals. 
Urban-Fit Studios is about community. Individuals are encouraged to identify, pursue and achieve that which they set as intermediate, short or long term goals. 
We can set focus, identify our dreams and ultimately watch as they are manifested. This is a result of our personal motivation, commitment and actions. This is your life, it's happening right here, right now…. 





Patricia Beasock


I am so thankful to have Osiris as my guide to heath and wellness! By far, taking on the challenge to lose weight and increase my quality of life is one of, if not the hardest things I have ever done.

When I met Osiris, I was incredibly over weight and miserable. I had little quality of life. To walk a flight of stairs left me winded and tired.

With Osiris as my teacher and guide, I have been able to transform my life into one that is positive, full and worth living.

His practices encompass the mind, body and spirit. He is positive, reinforcing and truly wants me to succeed. I am approaching my 1 year mark with training with Osiris, and I have gone from a size 22 to a 14, and have dropped 48 Lbs.


Kelly Ebright


I just wanted to thank you Osiris for making me a better trainer and taking me under your wing, you taught me a lot about myself as I trained with you, and that I am able to bring and share that with others!

You certainly impacted my life while I was training with you and made me believe in myself. It is funny when you are on the opposite side as a client and how much you come to appricate and respect your traniner (such as you) and what he/she has done for you inside and out!

So with that said, thanks for all your help and your ongoing support, I am so excited to start training with you again.


Adriana Medina


Osiris has been training me for about 8 months now and I owe my last success to him. I am a trainer myself so I am able to talk my way out of anything. But not with him. He provided the accountability and the push I never would have myself.

There were times where my knowledge would have kept me from making that extra effort but with him present, he never gave up. I made a decision to put myself in his hands and it paid off. It was an investment but well worth his services. Osiris is strict, disciplined, and his goals for me were more than I wanted for myself.

I was the leanest I have ever been in my life for the Ironman and I felt prepared because he got me there. I would recommend anyone who is serious about training to train with him. He will definitely get you there and then some. Thank you.


Brooke Holland


I started my program after I had gained weight working at a desk job for a year and was unhappy and having health problems. At 189 lbs. and 36% body fat, my heath life was not going in the direction I wanted it to.

I started working out and eating better, even got a different job so I could be up and about all day. When Osiris began training me I was 32% body fat and 178 lbs and wanted to be within the “Normal” “healthy” range.

With his motivation, I had the drive and ability to lose another 20 lbs and ended up at 155 lbs. When I was size 14/16, I found myself depressed, unable to feel good about myself physically and my sports performance was very forced.

Now, I have remained a size 8/10 for the past few years and I feel great. I enjoy skiing and water skiing again with ease and 3 mile runs are now an easy feat, not a struggle to finish. With Osiris’ instruction, I learned enough to keep my weight down on my own and live a richer life.

I highly recommend training with Osiris to anyone trying to gain muscle or lose weight (or both).


Mike Hammerick


On August 14th 2002, I started a 3 day a week weight training regimen with Osiris at Metamorphosis Gym in Seattle. Osiris designed a weight training program for me which targeted all of my major muscle groups.

As I continued to lose weight and gain experience, confidence, and strength, Osiris would modify my program to introduce me to new ways of working on various muscle groups which helped keep things fresh.

Being able to see improvements in my performance on a sometimes week to week basis was very encouraging and helped keep me focused on my goals.

Osiris is also a great resource on the subjects of nutrition, supplements and exercise psychology.


Lisa Halpern

I always thought you had to be an athlete to do weight training. Osiris made weight training accessible to me.

He is inspiring and knowledgeable and challenges me in all the right ways.

I can see positive changes in my body and in my outlook.


Marty Wise

I wanted to thank you for your help in establishing a workout routine for me.

I know it is a bit of a challenge to deal with someone who has a bone marrow transplant 54 days ago.

Here’s wishing you all the best in your personal body building career.


Sarah Muhammed

I am so truly thankful to have the chance to train with you, and I am so appreciative of the care, importance and time you put into it.

I hope that you know and feel someday the positive force which you have on people.

I feel blessed to have you as a friend. Thank you again, and take care.