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Urban Fit Studios is an environment without individual judgment. 

Our space was created without personal boundaries, where one may realize his/her individual potential to access their health and wellness goals. 
Urban-Fit Studios is about community. Individuals are encouraged to identify, pursue and achieve that which they set as intermediate, short or long term goals. 
We can set focus, identify our dreams and ultimately watch as they are manifested. This is a result of our personal motivation, commitment and actions. This is your life, it's happening right here, right now…. 

Many people know that the best way to lose weight and get fit is to have a healthy balance of a good diet and consistent exercise. It’s not good for you to skip meals or exercise on an empty stomach, however, so let’s talk about how a healthy diet and exercise work best for successful weight loss.

Photo credit: Healthline.com

To start, a so-called ‘healthy diet’ does not mean that you’re suddenly limiting yourself to fruits and vegetables, only. There are lots of foods out there that – not only does your body need them to be healthy itself – you should eat to consume the nutrients necessary to energize yourself before or after you exercise. The key to a healthy diet is to focus on the ‘good’ carbs: whole grains, fiber, vegetables, and so on. Here in the Seattle area, we are lucky to have amazing seafood and produce. Fish – particularly salmon – is very good for you, and can help with weight loss.

Focus your diet on fewer calories and healthier choices for the ones you consume. Need some examples? Start your meal with a salad – the vegetables will provide you with great nutrients you need, and the dish will help you eat less for your main course. Another example is to choose brown rice instead of white rice. When snacking, go for carrot sticks and hummus before you reach for a bag of chips. The healthier your diet becomes, the better you will feel from the inside, out.

Exercise is critical for your health and for weight loss. As you are active, your body uses up energy and calories. As you try to reach your weight loss goals, you should use a balance of cardiovascular exercise in tandem with some weight training. You should try to spend at least 150 minutes each week doing exercises that are moderate (jogging, light cycling, etc.), or 75 minutes each week doing something more intense. Spread your workouts throughout the week, and maintain consistency to achieve successful weight loss.

The combination of eating healthier and exercising regularly will make for much better habits. As you consume calories that are better for you, your body will begin using those nutrients to perform better – both as you work out and as you go about your day-to-day activities.