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Urban Fit Studios is an environment without individual judgment. 

Our space was created without personal boundaries, where one may realize his/her individual potential to access their health and wellness goals. 
Urban-Fit Studios is about community. Individuals are encouraged to identify, pursue and achieve that which they set as intermediate, short or long term goals. 
We can set focus, identify our dreams and ultimately watch as they are manifested. This is a result of our personal motivation, commitment and actions. This is your life, it's happening right here, right now…. 
8 Apr

3 Delicious, All-Natural Smoothies to Try at Urban-Fit

Our smoothie bar is open and ready for business! With spring upon us, and summer on its way, smoothies are an excellent way to stock up on the nutrients you need to supplement your training through the warmer months.

Pouring our Strawberry Banana Oat smoothie.

At Urban-Fit, we’re focused on helping you get fit the right way, strength training and conditioning with diverse exercises, nutrition, and safety. Our smoothies are all-natural, made with the best ingredients and without syrups and artificial flavoring that you might find in other smoothies.

Most of Urban-Fit’s smoothies fall under three categories: Keepin’ Lean, Get Skinny, or Bulk Up. With flavors like PB & J or Strawberry Banana, you can supplement your workouts to stay fit, maintain trim muscles, and keep lean. Slim down with Skinny Blackberry, Banana, Mango, or Tropical Passion flavors – again, all natural ingredients to help you Get Skinny (we also have a “Get Your Skinny On” special on Fridays, so visit us any Friday for a discount!). If you’re trying to Bulk Up for more muscle mass, finish off your strength-training regimen for the day with our Strawberry Banana Oat or Double Paradise smoothies. We also make delicious Protein Waffles for more bulking up options.

Doesn’t our Tropical Passion smoothie look delicious?

In addition to the flavors mentioned above, we have some new drinks – just in time for spring and summer! Let’s talk about three all-natural smoothies at Urban-Fit’s smoothie bar that you should try:

  • Orange Creamsicle: We make this smoothie in the ‘skinny’ version – no sugar, syrups, or artificial ingredients. Enjoy the delicious taste of orange and cream as you work off those extra pounds and get trim!
  • Coco-Nutty: Are you nuts for coconut? This smoothie is probably for you. Packed with coconut, almond, and chai, the Coco-Nutty smoothie is a drink for both enjoyment and a supplement to your training regimen.
  • The Greens: Veggies and greens are generally great for your health and diet – particularly nutrient-packed ones like kale and spinach. We’ve flavored this smoothie with those two nourishing ingredients, plus apple to naturally sweeten it up a touch.

Smoothies at the Urban-Fit drink bar range in price from $4.25 to $5. The smoothie bar is open Monday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. to about 6:30 p.m., and 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays. It is closed Sundays.